Category: Plastic Waste

Depending on the demand and price. If the price offered by the pet bottle scrap suppliers is at the market price or below, it will be quicker to sell the product. We aim to have the maximum number of eyeballs on each product daily without discriminating based on the prices. However, the buyer today is well equipped with the market pricing and may not show interest in more expensive products. If you have a niche product and would like to hold your stock, you will be able to find the right buyer given some time to it.

Rawtech Trade is a B2B marketplace connecting potential buyers with genuine suppliers through its in-house product specialists who assist both parties with all communication, negotiating, loading, shipping and banking. With your unique dashboard, you can access all documentation, get live updates and learn about market trends to improve your decision making.

Rawtech Trade does not allow a business to post their requirements on the platform. You can either list a product or search from the listed products to buy recycled pet.

"Polyethene terephthalate, or PET, is a type of plastic resin as well as a form of polyester. It can be fully recycled, in which case it becomes recycled polyethene terephthalate or rPET. Essentially, the material is a polymer, which is made by combining purified terephthalic acid and modified ethylene glycol, both monomers. PET was originally discovered in 1941 in the United Kingdom, where it was also patented. If you grab a container or bottle, you may notice a #1 code on the bottom of it. That is to say, it is made out of PET. It is very common as a packaging material, including things like peanut butter, beverages, produce, bakery goods, salad, frozen foods, cosmetics, dressings, and household cleaners. PET itself is incredibly popular because it is transparent, thermo-stable and incredibly durable. Additionally, it is lightweight, affordable, shatter-resistant, resealable and, most important of all, recyclable. This is where rPET comes in."